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Elevating Wheelchair Access: Exploring Superiority of Traditional over Plastic Shower Pans

At RD Construction Bathrooms & Home Improvements, we understand that each client is unique with individual needs. As a leader in bathroom renovations and home improvements, we specialize in creating functional, ADA-compliant flat surface floors for wheelchair accessible showers. With a focus on enhancing bathroom independence, mobility, and caregiver accommodations, the benefits of traditional shower pans far outweigh their plastic counterparts. Let's explore why a traditional shower pan is the optimal choice, especially when considering special needs and wheelchair accessible showers.

Strength and Durability: At RD Construction, our commitment to excellence starts with the foundation. Traditional shower pans are renowned for their strength and durability, making them a perfect fit for spaces that demand long-lasting resilience. Unlike plastic pans that can bend, break, and even leak over time, traditional shower pans remain steadfast against the rigors of everyday use, with leaks commonly occurring around the drain connection. This is especially important when creating wheelchair accessible showers where the surface needs to support the weight of both the wheelchair and the user.

Stability and Safety: Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved one can move freely and safely in their wheelchair within the bathroom. Traditional shower pans provide a stable surface that instills confidence, ensuring smooth and secure movement. In contrast, plastic pans can be susceptible to twisting due to house movement, potentially compromising stability and safety. When it comes to the stability and safety, the choice between plastic and traditional is clear.

Flat Surface Freedom: It's essential to consider the practical aspects of accessible shower design. Traditional shower pans offer a unique advantage with their flat floor surface, slightly sloped towards the drain. This design eliminates the need for a small lip that's often found in plastic pans to retain water within the shower area. While this lip may be intended to prevent water leakage, it can inadvertently create falling hazards and challenges for individuals using wheelchairs or those with mobility challenges. The absence of a lip in traditional shower pans ensures a true no-step-over experience, enhancing accessibility and minimizing the risk of falls with a smooth entrance.

Customization Possibilities: The remarkable hallmark of traditional shower pans lies in their unmatched adaptability. Tailored meticulously to align with the precise dimensions of your space, traditional pans take into careful consideration factors such as weight, height, age, and the distinctive abilities and challenges of each individual case. This depth of personalization ensures the shower pan seamlessly meets your exact needs, creating a space that is functional while enhancing comfort and accessibility.. In stark contrast to plastic pans, which adhere to fixed, off-the-shelf dimensions, traditional shower pans offer a realm of flexibility that accommodates a myriad of needs. This fluidity establishes them as the optimal choice for cultivating an environment that is both comprehensive and hospitable to loved ones as well as care takers.

Ease of Maintenance: At RD Construction, we believe in enhancing functionality and ease of maintenance. The inclusion of fold-free, stain-resistant, acrylic grout makes clean-up a breeze. Over time, the shiny top surface of plastic pans wears off, leaving room for dirt, stains, and mold to set in. In stark contrast, our state-of-the-art acrylic grout is a testament to advanced materials. It's chemical and stain-resistant, boasting a non-porous composition. This professional-grade grout requires no sealant and is fortified with mildew protection, thanks to BioBlock® technology. Furthermore, it's crack-resistant and carefully engineered to control shrinkage, ensuring lasting quality in your shower's appearance and maintenance.

Conclusion: When it comes to designing wheelchair accessible showers, the choice of shower pan material is paramount. RD Construction Bathrooms & Home Improvements advocates for the undeniable benefits of traditional shower pans. With their strength, stability, mold resistance, flat floor surface, ease of customization, and ease of maintenance, these pans provide the ideal foundation for creating functional and safe spaces that cater to the unique needs of individuals with special needs. Make the right choice for your loved ones – choose the reliability and durability of a traditional shower pan.

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