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ADA Compliant Wheelchair Accessible Showers & Handicap Home Modifications

At RD Construction, we regularly work with special needs and aging in place clients and their families.  Our goal is offer more independence in a safe manner.  Everything we do is ADA compliant.  We will incorporate your home modifications to fit your style and individual needs.   For our aging clients, simple home and bathroom modifications make all the difference.  We will discuss your needs along with your available space to make your home wheelchair and walker friendly.  Give us a call today to see how we can help you make your home wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchair Accessible Showers

RD Construction can transform your existing tub and shower area into a large wheelchair accessible shower that will accommodate a caregiver.   We can remove tubs and closets to build large roll-in showers.

thumbnail (8)_edited.jpg

Hand-Held Sprayers & Transfer Benches

​Personalized hand-held sprayers makes bathing and rinsing easy.  Beautiful transfer benches topped with granite or tile can help create  bathing independence and  makes showering easier for those needing caregivers.

RD Tablet 060817 1187 22.jpg

Grab Bar Installations

We reinforce all of our grab bar installations.  Inside the shower, our grab bars are fastened to added wall studs for optimal safety.  In the lavatory, we'll install grab bars where needed.  Fold down grab bars can be installed at side of bed for easier rising.

Clayton job 014 22_edited.jpg

Door Widening & Wall Removals

RD Construction can remove walls and widen doorways to accommodate a wheelchair with conventional swinging doors or hidden pocket doors.  We can also replace 32 inch doors with 36 inch wide doors.

Trish job 013.jpg

Zero Entry Curbless Showers

Zero entry, curbless showers allow for easier wheelchair and handicap access without the dangers of slippery ramps or large curbs to step over.  

zero entry floor_edited.jpg

Wheelchair Accessible Roll-up Vanities

We can modify your existing vanity in a number of styles and configurations to accommodate specific and comfortable wheelchair access.

Ron vanity 22_edited.jpg

Wheelchair Ramp Installations

We install rubber, non skid wheelchair ramps, sized to fit for interiors with minimum bump at threshold for easy transition through doorways.  On the exterior, we prefer concrete non skid ADA specified slopes for independent mobility.

door ramps.jpeg
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