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Crafted Comfort: Custom Patio Covers for Your Outdoor Oasis

Experience the epitome of year-round outdoor living with RD Construction's custom patio covers. Find comfort, luxury, and style converging in an exceptional outdoor space, crafted for your cherished moments.

Simple Patio Covers


Embrace outdoor living with our patio covers. We provide a variety of choices, from straightforward and functional structures to beautifully intricate designs with complex roof lines. Your style and space matter to us, and we're here to craft you  outdoor oasis.

Patio cover with outdoor kitchen, fireplace and jacuzzi by RD Construction.jpg

Uninterrupted Summer Cookouts

Escape the Texas heat while savoring the outdoors beneath our custom patio covers. Imagine effortless gatherings with bar seating, wet sink, and countertops of your choice—granite, stile stone, or quartz

Winter Warmth

As winter arrives, gather around the comforting glow of a wood burning fireplace. Turn chilly evenings into cozy get-togethers that leave lasting memories.

Patio cover with outdoor fireplace and kitchen by RD Construction.jpg
Screened In patio cover by RD Construction.jpg

Outdoors Minus the Elements

Experience the best of both worlds with our screened-in patio covers. Bask in the beauty of nature while being protected from weather and pests. Create a comfortable oasis that lets you relish the outdoors, hassle-free.

Embrace Nature in Elegance

Invite nature indoors with our stunning sunrooms. The perfect blend of comfort and style, sunrooms provide a space to enjoy natural light and serene views year-round. Elevate your living space with a touch of the outdoors, without compromising on luxury.

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