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Modern Design Bathroom

Welcome to RD Construction where modern elegance meets a personalized touch.


What sets us apart


We're not just remodelers; we're your partners. We'll join you at the tile, faucet, and lighting stores, to help pick the elements that match your style.  

Designer Walk In Shower by RD Construction_edited_edited.jpg

Tailored Walk-In Showers 

Discover shower designs crafted to fit your needs and style. Our focus is on creating functional, beautiful bath retreats personalized for you.

Personalized Convenience

Enjoy hassle-free hair care and shower cleaning with our considerate hand-held sprayers. We also install rain heads and adjust shower head height for your comfort.

Modern Tile Masterpieces

Explore modern tile sizes minimizing grout joints. Benefit from acrylic grout, ensuring resistance to stains and mold.

Stand alone tub by RD Construction.jpg

Sleek Glass

Experience a modern touch with frameless glass enclosures. Our added touch: spot-free shower protectant for enduring brilliance.

Tranquil Steam Showers

Combine luxury with relaxation.  Let RD Construction build you a spa retreat at home.

Elegant Comfort

Discover ultimate comfort with our beautiful floating benches that offer ample foot room. We also install water toe testers and personalized shower shelving for your convenience.

Walk In Shower RD Construction_edited.png

Navigating Options

Embark on a bathroom remodeling journey with RD Construction. From tile choices to coordinating fixtures, we will go shopping with you to streamline your process.

Personalized Experience

We accompany you to major stores, ensuring you're equipped to create your dream bathroom.  From tile and trims to faucets and tub fillers, we can help you coordinate.

Uncomplicated Remodeling

Our mission is to make home remodeling as easy as possible. With RD Construction, turn your vision into reality.

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